Quantum Entanglement

He ate violins
by the dozens
like drumsticks

and if he finished
in the allotted time,
drank himself silly

under the pier
that stretched far
into the sea…

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Arrow in Translation

I don’t speak another language
or have anything to tell you
in any tongue not my own,
I’m not on a small road
in a foreign country,
in a wood I don’t recognize
the glossolalia of what…

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In Theory

The shortest distance. Between two points. Straight line.
Easy enough. I thought. I felt.
Well. Euclidean. Shapes.
A sense of them. Rhombus. Angles.
Earth. Curvatures. Sports bras.
Hypotenuse. Proportional. Vertical Y.
Ascending. Horizontal X. Perfect.
Axises. Professor’s graph. Closing like a book.
Hands in prayer. Handcuffs. A continuum.
He said. Imagine. It’s zero.
I guess. End of the universe. As I knew it.
In theory. Anyway. Well.
I’d be a fisherman. Fireman. Instead of an astronaut.
Which is like fishing. Stars. In a rocket…

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