Alice, who lives and works, has an MFA; Judith, just got her MFA and has won (yea!); Jeffery teaches an MFA program; Chris, Pushcart nominee, is earning his MFA; Richard is the author of numerous works; Amanda’s work has appeared; Claudia lives; Susan has an MFA and a PhD and teaches; Jeanne is also a poetry editor; Gary has a collection of selected works collected; Tim lives with his wife (sounds healthy); George’s poems have also appeared; Claire (I love that name) is a writer but, apparently, doesn’t have an MFA; Randy is not a poet at all; Ken, however, is—and he holds his MFA; Justin (that’s it, just his name); Ben received his MFA; Andrew (probably doesn’t like being called “Andy”) teaches and publishes; Mark has won too many prizes—so they just put a little “etc;” Gary teaches poetry classes in an MFA program; Brenna (not making this up) lives with fabricated animals (allergies); Carter has already published in this journal and had earned the distinct title: “Frequent Contributor;” Debra (another nice name) has the biggest paragraph in the bio section; Austin just says she has recent works in progress; Chris (not the Chris from above) also holds his MFA; Joan resides as a poet; Meredith (not kidding, this is what it says) makes elaborate papercuts (sic)…maybe it’s a misprint for “paper cutouts;” Lee wrote a column (a whole one) five years ago—doesn’t mention if she has an MFA, though; Lee (just like the Chriss (however you spell it), there’s two) publishes poetry; Carrie makes no mention of her MFA, but I can tell she has one; Sarah (always loved that name) works as a plumber and publishes way more than me (I)—whatever, bastards, w/yr subjective pronouns; William (another name snob) has the second biggest entry next to Debra’s; Will (see? now you can tell he’s cool and he writes poems and he has an MFA); Mark has submitted work for a prize; Jeff lives and works and teaches and writes and wins and won; and finally, Robert (“Bob”…he actually wrote that in parenthesis—which is weird…why wouldn’t’ he just write “Bob?”) writes books.

I think may be in love with Claire.


© mk sukach

First appeared in The Legendary.